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Oldies but still Goodies

Why I love Myriad Editions


Last weekend was awesome. Got my mind blown listening to a bunch of fascinating and talented writers. Here are some sketches I did while they spoke. As one friend on twitter pointed out, I should be glad that the Crime ladies were kind about the drawings I did because they know how to kill people [...]

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Hard Realities, Happy Accidents

Drawing at the Bee's Mouth

My grand plan of blogging my brains loose through this time has been knocked on the head by cold hard reality. The single biggest realisation I’ve had since this time away from work started is the sanctity of time. Before it, I was a little loose on time. I was a big one for saying [...]

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Resources Part 2: Finding Flow.

Thinking, thinking...

“Man’s maturity: to have regained the seriousness that he had as a child at play.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche This week, and particularly yesterday, I’ve found myself thinking about three things: finding focus in my own work, my year and a half old daughter and her 4 month journey so far at a Montessori school, and [...]

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Getting Things Done… Resources Part 1


My hope in this post is to share a couple resources I’ve come across in the last year that have helped me hone how I approach getting the stuff done. It’s not great secret that, if you choose a profession in the arts where there’s no ladder to climb, you just need to keep making [...]

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Sabbatical Under Way…

Here we go...

After a whirlwind couple of weeks getting everything in order at the day job and handing over, I’m off on my time off. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks sorting everything in my life out that can have an impact on my work for the next three months. That has included the obvious like [...]

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2014: Here we go…

Aneurin Wright Arts Council Funded

Gertrude and George has been woefully underserved for nearly the last year. But not for a lack of things going on in life. Gertrude has been blazing her way back into graphic designer glory and searching for that balance between work and motherhood. I’ve been blogging, just not here. Since November 2012, I’ve been doing [...]

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February Update

Sprout's Book Club Week 1

In spite of the desert of posts here, there’s been a lot going on lately. First, a former day job colleague of mine has been working for Waterstones in their marketing department. He’s in charge of the blog for the renowned British Book Retailer’s website. Back in November, he got in contact after he saw [...]

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I gift you… a beer label.

It has been quite a while since my last post. As Nye has no doubt mentioned, we had a wonderful addition to our family arrive last June. Having a baby on hand is the most incredible fun, but my lordie, do they keep one’s hands full! My energy has been spent far more on figuring out creative ways to get more sleep than creating logo designs.
But there’s always an exception, and Nye’s birthday was it…

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November/December News


The year is winding down, but some fun things are starting to gear up. First: final Comics Shows this year. There were two fun comics shows at the end of November: Comica Festival’s Autumn Comiket. It’s a one day festival held in the great hall of the Bishopsgate Institute. It’s a great mix of old [...]

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Justifying My Comics 2: Hannah Berry’s “Adamtine”


Kurt Vonnegut, in the 5th of his 8 tips for aspiring writers, says: “Start as close to the end as possible.” Screenwriters, in offering advice to fellow aspirants, urge them to “go in late, get out early.” The Greeks said it more succinctly than either when they talk about “in medias res“: you must begin [...]

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