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Resources Part 2: Finding Flow.

Thinking, thinking...

“Man’s maturity: to have regained the seriousness that he had as a child at play.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche This week, and particularly yesterday, I’ve found myself thinking about three things: finding focus in my own work, my year and a half old daughter and her 4 month journey so far at a Montessori school, and [...]

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Getting Things Done… Resources Part 1


My hope in this post is to share a couple resources I’ve come across in the last year that have helped me hone how I approach getting the stuff done. It’s not great secret that, if you choose a profession in the arts where there’s no ladder to climb, you just need to keep making [...]

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Comica’s Autumn Comiket 2012


If you didn’t catch it, the powerhouse organisers behind Comica Festival’s Comiket put on another amazing event this weekend at the Bishopsgate Institute Great Hall in London. It was a one day extravaganza of incredible art, story telling and comics people coming together. One of the really fun, and very different things that the Comiket [...]

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Returning Home…


Gertrude, Sprout and I just got back from our first big trip. The good news was that Sprout swept the gold in the Quiet Baby on an Airplane Olympic Games on the way out. The bad news was that on the way back, she looked at us and said, “Are you people nuts? I’m two [...]

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Wormholes and Judge Kitty…

Megacity One has never been safer

This weekend marked the second foray into California/San Diego ComicCon style geekiness at London’s Business Design Centre in Islington. It was a great, well run show that really brought people out in force in support of their favourite geek counter culture icons. The most striking thing to me, every year I do shows like these [...]

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New Website (sort of) and Napping Mommy


So my amazing wife managed to knuckle down and help me with getting my sorry website into a slightly better state. In spite of her being insanely busy with work and the small task of GROWING A HUMAN BEING INSIDE HER BELLY (!!!), she managed to put together an exquisite landing page for my website, [...]

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Getting Ready for Launch

Book Plates

These are pictures from a couple of things I did week before last. First, if you’re not aware of them and what they do, Gosh Comics in London are 1) a kick ass comics store and 2) offer special editions of books from time to time. I am lucky enough to have been asked by [...]

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First Fictions = First Foray as Properly Published Author

Trailer Park in the Wild

This weekend was the inaugural iteration of Myriad Editions First Fictions Festival in partnership with the University of Sussex. As a first time Myriad author, I was asked to come along and participate in a few events as well as sit in on some great ones. Literary Festivals are legion, so there is a danger [...]

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2011 Resolutions Revisited: The Good, the Bad & the ‘Meh’

Only took 8 years, but worth the wait

“Change happens in an instant; making it stick is the hard part.” – no idea who said that. New year, new you. Same every year. We all wake up on January first with this sense that anything is possible; whatever happened in the last year was just so much water under the bridge. This year [...]

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Advance copies!!!

A first copy of the hard and soft covers of the book

Publication is becoming more and more real by the moment. I got a lovely call from my editor the other day to tell me that advanced copies of the soft and hard cover versions of “Things to do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park …” had arrived. It was a total surprise as I wasn’t [...]

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