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Sacred, Galactic Fraternities


We’ve all heard about the Jedi, but what about the Dadi?

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Returning Home…


Gertrude, Sprout and I just got back from our first big trip. The good news was that Sprout swept the gold in the Quiet Baby on an Airplane Olympic Games on the way out. The bad news was that on the way back, she looked at us and said, “Are you people nuts? I’m two [...]

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Not very likely I’ll be heading off to the premiere of what may be the greatest comic book finale ever. So this is the closest I’ll get. Enjoy! George (AKA Nye)

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Wonder Sprout

Who's wrapped around whose finger?

Here’s a last one for the week and more appropriate because, as my wife keeps reminding me, we have a DAUGHTER! Enjoy! George (aka Nye)

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Don’t Make Her Poopie!


I’m sorry, I’ve done it again. But sometimes, when they get upset, it does feel like you’re dealing with a terribly, powerful little force. Anyway, beware the wrath of…

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Deadly Cute...

If I tell you that the reason I’ve not been posting is because we’ve had a baby, would that excuse me? Well even if it doesn’t, I now have an amazing excuse for procrastinating: Gertrude and I welcomed our first little one into the world two weeks ago. She’s been code named “Sprout” since we [...]

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