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Hard Realities, Happy Accidents

Drawing at the Bee's Mouth

My grand plan of blogging my brains loose through this time has been knocked on the head by cold hard reality. The single biggest realisation I’ve had since this time away from work started is the sanctity of time. Before it, I was a little loose on time. I was a big one for saying [...]

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Resources Part 2: Finding Flow.

Thinking, thinking...

“Man’s maturity: to have regained the seriousness that he had as a child at play.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche This week, and particularly yesterday, I’ve found myself thinking about three things: finding focus in my own work, my year and a half old daughter and her 4 month journey so far at a Montessori school, and [...]

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Getting Things Done… Resources Part 1


My hope in this post is to share a couple resources I’ve come across in the last year that have helped me hone how I approach getting the stuff done. It’s not great secret that, if you choose a profession in the arts where there’s no ladder to climb, you just need to keep making [...]

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2011 Resolutions Revisited: The Good, the Bad & the ‘Meh’

Only took 8 years, but worth the wait

“Change happens in an instant; making it stick is the hard part.” – no idea who said that. New year, new you. Same every year. We all wake up on January first with this sense that anything is possible; whatever happened in the last year was just so much water under the bridge. This year [...]

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Vocabulary Lessons

Metro Vocabulary

I studied French for 5 years in High School … in Idaho, where the French speaking population was my class. Then I took it for a couple of years in Uni. Now, 18 years later, I’m finally using it, after having forgotten it all. Ah well. C’est la vie. Paris is amazing and I’m loving [...]

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Getting Viral…

On October 27th, I was flying into Heathrow on my way back from a meeting in the states.  I was jet lagged and more than a little out of it.  When I emerged from passport control and customs, I saw this: The other night, George’s mother (the one who dubbed him George) sent a link [...]

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New Year’s Resolution # 23: Making Presents

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2011 will be hot

It’s cold here in England – especially if your boiler breaks down for a few days in the winter. George likes to be warm. He also likes good wifi reception. The natural conclusion? A hand-sewn, hand-embroidered hot water bottle cover.

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Happy New Blog!

We ring in a new blog with the start of this year. We will dedicate our posts to our creations, creative thoughts, and biased observations of the (creative) world around us. We hope to make you laugh, think, scoff and occasionally learn. Happy new year! Happy new blog!

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