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Returning Home…


Gertrude, Sprout and I just got back from our first big trip. The good news was that Sprout swept the gold in the Quiet Baby on an Airplane Olympic Games on the way out. The bad news was that on the way back, she looked at us and said, “Are you people nuts? I’m two [...]

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Angoulême 2012

Nye Chatting up the Wall

This weekend saw our third trip to Angoulême, France. Why Angoulême and why three times, you ask? Good question. Angoulême is a sleepy little town on a hill by a river that is famous for having been a paper mill town. But famous now as being the host for 39 years now of Europe’s largest [...]

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First Fictions = First Foray as Properly Published Author

Trailer Park in the Wild

This weekend was the inaugural iteration of Myriad Editions First Fictions Festival in partnership with the University of Sussex. As a first time Myriad author, I was asked to come along and participate in a few events as well as sit in on some great ones. Literary Festivals are legion, so there is a danger [...]

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Vocabulary Lessons

Metro Vocabulary

I studied French for 5 years in High School … in Idaho, where the French speaking population was my class. Then I took it for a couple of years in Uni. Now, 18 years later, I’m finally using it, after having forgotten it all. Ah well. C’est la vie. Paris is amazing and I’m loving [...]

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Fire Fighter

fire fighter

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted. Lots of things in the works that are an excuse: the day job, freelance, prepping the book for press and taking some time off to go back to the States. Gertrude and I even shot a wedding for friends (if the bride and groom are down, we’ll [...]

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Getting Viral…

On October 27th, I was flying into Heathrow on my way back from a meeting in the states.  I was jet lagged and more than a little out of it.  When I emerged from passport control and customs, I saw this: The other night, George’s mother (the one who dubbed him George) sent a link [...]

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Angoulême: Recap of FIBD 2011


I’m an old hand at attending and exhibiting in American comic book conventions.  There are all pretty reliably the same:  retailers of sorts flogging wares, publishers flogging projects, artists flogging themselves, and then the fans there to connect with their heroes. American conventions are about comics as the transition toward higher valued and valuable forms [...]

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A Few Angoulême Sketches


So, France is now a distant memory.  10 days of cheese and wine, mellifluous language I barely comprehend and glorious Gallic air; but  Gertrude and I now find ourselves back in Ol’ Blighty. I’ll do a proper recap of Angoulême’s Festival International de la Bande Desinée later, but wanted to get a few of the [...]

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