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Oldies but still Goodies


Consciousness Sketch 01

A proper recap of the con season is still to come; it’s been a busy couple of weeks out in the world with the book. But the day job awaits. So instead, I’m putting up a couple of recent doodles. The first is from last night’s Cartoon County meeting where Hannah Berry spoke about her [...]

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Wormholes and Judge Kitty…

Megacity One has never been safer

This weekend marked the second foray into California/San Diego ComicCon style geekiness at London’s Business Design Centre in Islington. It was a great, well run show that really brought people out in force in support of their favourite geek counter culture icons. The most striking thing to me, every year I do shows like these [...]

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New Website (sort of) and Napping Mommy


So my amazing wife managed to knuckle down and help me with getting my sorry website into a slightly better state. In spite of her being insanely busy with work and the small task of GROWING A HUMAN BEING INSIDE HER BELLY (!!!), she managed to put together an exquisite landing page for my website, [...]

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Cartoon County & Geek Heaven

My sketch of Fabry while he was talking

One of the best things about Brighton is the close proximity of lots of amazingly talented, creative people. One of the best parts about that is that lots of creative comic types have called Sussex and South England home. So on the last Monday of each month, Corinne Pearlman (my editor at Myriad Editions) and [...]

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