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Getting the Tables Turned…


Not a lot to time to write this week as the day job has been absolutely mental. But I’ve been meaning to post about an odd feeling. I love sketching people. I love watching them while they don’t know their being watched and trying to capture the things about them that make them uniquely THEM. [...]

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Florida, Idaho and Scotland…

Hendrickson's book "Hemingway's Boat" is a different view of Papa

I think I can pretty much guarantee those three destinations have never followed upon one another the way that they did for us during this trip back. It was fun and crazy, and not likely to be repeated. I’ve recounted the Idaho part of the literary half of the trip, this week: a rundown on [...]

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Sacred, Galactic Fraternities


We’ve all heard about the Jedi, but what about the Dadi?

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