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Justifying My Comics 2: Hannah Berry’s “Adamtine”


Kurt Vonnegut, in the 5th of his 8 tips for aspiring writers, says: “Start as close to the end as possible.” Screenwriters, in offering advice to fellow aspirants, urge them to “go in late, get out early.” The Greeks said it more succinctly than either when they talk about “in medias res“: you must begin [...]

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Comica’s Autumn Comiket 2012


If you didn’t catch it, the powerhouse organisers behind Comica Festival’s Comiket put on another amazing event this weekend at the Bishopsgate Institute Great Hall in London. It was a one day extravaganza of incredible art, story telling and comics people coming together. One of the really fun, and very different things that the Comiket [...]

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