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Branding Moscow’s BlackMarket

It’s been a white since I posted, but exciting things have been happening. For the past year and a half, I’ve been working for some amazing entrepreneurs up in Moscow, and doing the branding and design for a whole slew of Muscovite restaurants. Most recently, BlackMarket opened its doors (at Usacheva 1 Bldg 2, if you happen to be in the area).

BlackMarket is an undoubtedly awesome name, but it was a harder project than I had anticipated. On one hand, I felt black markets of war-torn and/or impoverished areas meant basic goods (bread, milk, chocolate, etc.), whilst the black market of either the same countries or more developed countries could also mean caviar, jewellery and those finer things in life. To add to this possible confusion, the client wanted a very ‘Soviet’ feel and was planning to offer a French-Asian cuisine. Confused identity, you think? I was baffled.

Thankfully, the fusion menu was quickly thrown out, and the menu changed into a comfy hodge-podge of International food-for-the-soul. Not sure how that reflects the name, but at least it was a marked improvement. And as the restaurant has been jam-packed since it’s opening day, I suppose the owners’ know best!

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