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I studied French for 5 years in High School … in Idaho, where the French speaking population was my class. Then I took it for a couple of years in Uni. Now, 18 years later, I’m finally using it, after having forgotten it all. Ah well. C’est la vie.

Paris is amazing and I’m loving being here. When I met an American colleague who was visiting for work who asked, “Now how do you say ‘Good-bye’ in French,” I felt like a bloody linguistic demigod! And then I ran into a 3 year old who was running down the events of his day with mom. Demigod or really slow 2 year old; those are the worlds I’m swinging between at the moment.

Work’s been pretty full on, so not a lot of drawing of the city yet. Hopefully more of that this week as I settle in better and I’ll post what I can.

But favourite word so far:
glander [glanday].
(verb intransitive) to fart around. As in “Qu’est-ce que tu glandes?!” What the Hell are you doing?!

George out.

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