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These are pictures from a couple of things I did week before last.

First, if you’re not aware of them and what they do, Gosh Comics in London are 1) a kick ass comics store and 2) offer special editions of books from time to time. I am lucky enough to have been asked by them to produce a bookplate for my book.

If you buy a copy of Trailer Park from them, a limited amount of them will have this signed, bookplate just inside. I’d love to say that the composition is wholly my own. Sadly it’s not, I’m drawing on the paper of giants (to coin a phrase). If you don’t know it, I won’t tell you. But I’ll give you a hint. You can see the original on which this image is based in this museum. Besides that, if you find yourself outside Philadelphia with a rental car, you can only do your soul, and your art taste buds good, if you check out that museum.

On the Friday morning before Myriad’s First Fictions Festival, I popped into Gosh to meet the guys in the store (Josh the owner, and Andrew the manager). They were lovely. And more to the point, the store is bloody marvellous. Light airy and open, it’s warm and welcoming in a way that comics stores often are not. If you are your average person who is scared of comic book reading, star wars movie trivia spouting, scornful, antisocial malcontents, well then as long as I wasn’t in the store, you probably would have a lovely visit. Seriously, though, they’ve really done a great job of creating a place that makes you want to spend some time looking at what they have on the shelves and eager to discover something totally new.

On the Monday morning after First Fictions, I headed up to the offices of Turnaround Publisher Services. They’d set out 150 hard cover versions of the book on a table, brewed up a little coffee and set me to work. For the launch of the book, Myriad has done a great first printing of soft cover books that look gorgeous. But they’ve also done a limited edition, even more gorgeous Hard Cover version. These are the ones I was signing.

And finally, this is what Gertrude looks like on a train….

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