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Not having taken any holiday from work for while, I decided to take a little time this week 1) to continue with the nest feathering and 2) to put a little more dedicated time into getting my cartoonist butt in line. Felt great to wake up each day, sit down and the desk and set about putting things in order for the next sets of projects I’ve got planned. More on those in the future.

But I just wanted to post of couple of the fun things I’ve been working on this week. Toward that end, I am starting another regular feature on here called “What’s Wrong with Me?” or “How everything that’s wrong with me can be blamed on the movies I watched as a kid.”

Name that bandit?

This week’s first instalment: Conan the Barbarian (1982). I remember begging my mother to let me go see Conan in the theatres. I’m glad now that she didn’t because I was 8. But a few years later when it came out on cable, back when cable didn’t quite have enough content to spread across 24 hours of airtime, I must have seen Conan 20 times or more (thank you Showtime, HBO and The Movie Channel). Much the way young boys get hooked on superhero comics when they are young, impressionable and feeling powerless before the massive forces of the world they were struggling to comprehend, I became addicted to Conan. If only, I wished more than once, someone would attach me to a wheel of pain for me to push and grow massive like the Cimmerian, I too could grow up to “wear and iron crown on a weary brow” and have 20″ biceps.

That didn’t happen, but I did end up doing bicep curls next to Arnold Schwarzenegger once, but that’s a tale for another day. And don’t forget, it was the best movie Oliver Stone ever made! Anyway, here’s a quick homage.

Aussie Baddy

Another one those films was The Road Warrior (1981). Can you imagine how excited I was when I found out it was part of an ongoing series and it was the sequel? The action, the dystopian vision of the future, those crazy accents… It was amazing. And the lunacy of the villains: it was primal, insane, and totally captivating. Many’s the half started Road Warrior story rip off sitting in notebooks locked in boxes from when I was convinced I too could create a post-apocalyptic dystopia with 80s mustangs. Anyway, here’s a warm up doodle of one of the lackies if the big baddy, “The Humongous” (you can bet I’ll have to do something strange with that guy with his colander for a head and BDSM leather lederhosen for knickers…).

Green Chair

Finally, I went to life drawing this week for only the second time this year (bad nye…). But it was a great class; costumed instead of nude and a great costume to boot. It was a lot of fun. I’ve already posted this on Facebook, but things disappear over there awfully quickly.

Oh, and one final note: Friday I was able to take part in a talk an evening at the Brighton and Sussex School of Medicine talking about Medicine, Ethics and Comics… yes, comics was at the end of that sentence! Dr Muna al Jawad talked about how she used comics to synthesise her research on becoming a Gerontologist; Nicola Streeten, fellow Myriad Editions author and author of Billy, Me & You, spoke about how her graphic novel was less about the death of her son and more about the reactions of people when she had to tell them about the death of her son. And I talked about how my book, combined with Medicine and ethics was like a roadtrip…. I’ll elaborate later.

Until next week!

Nye (a.k.a. George)

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