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New Website (sort of) and Napping Mommy

So my amazing wife managed to knuckle down and help me with getting my sorry website into a slightly better state. In spite of her being insanely busy with work and the small task of GROWING A HUMAN BEING INSIDE HER BELLY (!!!), she managed to put together an exquisite landing page for my website, just in time for comic convention season. If you came to the blog directly, click here to see what I’m talking about.

Speaking of comics season, I’ll be in Bristol the weekend of the 12th and 13 of May, London for the Kapow Festival the weekend after, and then speaking at Laydeez do Comics on Monday the 21st. A pretty busy comics month.

Other than that, things were a bit quiet last week. So this is the only drawing I’ve got up. It’s twenty five minutes doodling before the child demanded she rise and feed! The colour is a little odd but I was having fun.

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