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Megacity One has never been safer

This weekend marked the second foray into California/San Diego ComicCon style geekiness at London’s Business Design Centre in Islington. It was a great, well run show that really brought people out in force in support of their favourite geek counter culture icons. The most striking thing to me, every year I do shows like these is how less and less it feels like a counter cultural thing. I could have bought Superman logo-ed bathmats and oven mitts!

I’ll have a proper recap soon, but highlights were sharing a table with Corinne Pearlman, my editor from Myriad Editions, and then crashing at her mansion opposite the British Museum on the Saturday night. Imagine the coolest group student housing you have ever seen with a bunch arty bachelor candidates, and then imagine them staying there for 30 years. So cool. Also spent Sunday with fellow Paper Caveman, Tom Eglington. The other fun bit was that we were the backstage approach for the cast and crew of Lucha Britannia. Didn’t quite know what to make of the ‘roid addled dude with shoulder to wrist tattoos walking past in just boots and knickers until he put on his luchador mask!

Thanks to all the really amazing people who came out to buy Trailer Park, but also to those who’d already read it and were making a point of saying hello and just saying how much they enjoyed it. I equate being a cartoonist to being a musician playing on the other end of a wormhole in space: you only get feedback from your audience years later. But this weekend was such great feedback! Thanks.

Finally, to tide one over until a more full recap, enjoy Judge Kitty. MegaCity One is in much better shape because of her kinder, gentler and cuter law making. (This is what happens when you are sat across from the Planet Replica folks looking at their 2000AD replicas all weekend…)

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