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Oldies but still Goodies


A proper recap of the con season is still to come; it’s been a busy couple of weeks out in the world with the book. But the day job awaits. So instead, I’m putting up a couple of recent doodles.

The first is from last night’s Cartoon County meeting where Hannah Berry spoke about her new graphic novel “Adamtine.” She’s a smart, talented graphic novelist and you need to get yourself into a bookshop to buy her books. The only reason to not like her or her work is that she’s 25 and off to a pretty stellar start to what I’m sure will be a great career in her mid twenties. Damn youth!

These other two images are from a poster design for a conference on consciousness. They wanted something that conveyed the what’s happening inside our heads and they wanted it to be beachy. So voila, borrow a little Hokusai and away we go. Enjoy. The first one was a fiddle about with absurd colours, but I kind of liked it. The second is the final colour. Gertrude actually did the poster layout (never let an illustrator anywhere near type!)…

As I wait forthcoming diaper-pocalypse when “Sprout” arrives, I’m sure I’ll have more time to blog (probably less to say other than commenting on the bone crushing fatigue everyone says you suffer from with first baby, but it’s better than nothing, yes?)

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