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I gift you… a beer label.

It has been quite a while since my last post. As Nye has no doubt mentioned, we had a wonderful addition to our family arrive last June. Having a baby on hand is the most incredible fun, but my lordie, do they keep one’s hands full! My energy has been spent far more on figuring out creative ways to get more sleep than creating logo designs.
But there’s always an exception, and Nye’s birthday was it…

I had a few small items for him, but couldn’t come up with anything really great (and not too expensive) that excited me. In trolling through the internet, I happened upon a beer label that had been personalised. Wicked – perfect! Except, I felt the design could be pushed further, and of course, it needed to be completely re-made with Nye’s own elements. So, I put Aurelia down for a couple of naps, flexed my fingers and hit the mouse. One thoroughly rested kiddo and one very revved up momma later, and we have a birthday beer label design for the hubby.

I can’t take credit for the initial idea, but did have fun scouring through loads of vintage beer label designs and coming up with a truly unique ‘flavour’ of Nye’s own.

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