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2014: Here we go…

Gertrude and George has been woefully underserved for nearly the last year. But not for a lack of things going on in life.

Gertrude has been blazing her way back into graphic designer glory and searching for that balance between work and motherhood. I’ve been blogging, just not here. Since November 2012, I’ve been doing a weekly comic strip for waterstones called “Sprout’s Bookclub.” I’ll be updating the site in a few weeks and will put up some of the strips from it. In the interim, you can check out this week’s strip here.

But the big news is that I’ve been given a grant from Arts Council England. I’ll be using it to take a sabbatical from my day job; a dog job who is being unbelievably accommodating and kind in letting me do this. With 50 hours a week not going to the day job, the grant will allow me to focus exclusively on producing work for the forth coming graphic novel. This image is a sneak peak.

More to come soon as I get properly in it.

George (AKA Nye)

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